Non Fungible Devils

Non-fungible devils have paired with the ELYSIUM TITANS launchpad to develop a band new roadmap and will fit into an overlapping ecosystem. The focus of the project is to develop a range of passive income streams to reward holders. In addition to this we are developing metaverse partnership to facilitate metaverse integrations with specific NFDevil hangout spaces and gaming rooms. To make this happen Nate is working constantly with feedback from a wider group to establish strong and lasting partnerships with other CNFT projects as well as real world businesses. We hope to reveal roadmap goals in an ongoing fashion as we navigate the ever-changing CNFT space. Come join us in the NFDevils Discord to meet the team and stay up to date with all of our exciting announcements!

Passive income streams for Non-Fungible Devils Holders:

ALL NFDevils holders earn 100 $NFTC per devil per EPOCH via Drip Dropz

NFDevils can be staked with CSwapDEX to earn 1 $CSWP token per devil per day! CSwapDEX

Thanks to our partnership with CardanoLands ALL NFDevil holders will earn 1.42 $HEXO per devil per day. Cardano Lands

NFDevils passively earn the Cardano Canines $bones token, we earn 0.1 $bones per devil per day. Cardano Canines

Thanks to the Irregulars, all Devils that are in your wallet are earning 3 $IRG per devil per day and you can claim them at any time! The Irregulars

NFDevils can also be staked in Ape Society frames and in Cardano Croc Clubs swamp lands.

The conversations are on going and the passive streams will keep increasing. NFDevil NFTs are becoming more and more valuable every day! The NFDevils are coming!