All partnerships that we are forming are ongoing relationships that will generate value for all of our communities as we work together to achieve our goals in the CNFT space.

Elysium Titans – the NFDevils have become a part of the Titans ecosystem and as such our holders will passively earn the Elysium native token $drachma. Randall is also an integral part of Team NFD and will help lead our project towards a bright future. The Devils will feature in the Elysium Titans Colosseum in the Cardastacks metaverse and our holders will eventually earn revenue from the Elysium Titans market place and mobile game.

Secret Bulls Society – The bulls also joined the Elysium Titans ecosystem. They are a fellow rug revival project and we have worked in a strong partnership to rebuild our communities and restore value to our NFTS. We have had several collaboration activities including the NFDevils attending the Bulls fight nights to view UFC and other main events. The founder team of the Bulls works very closely with the NFDevils in creating strategic approaches to develop new opportunities for our holders.

The Trifecta – The Secret Bulls, The Titans and The Devils will be working together as a team to deliver the maximum amount of value to our holders, and we will all have access to the Titans native token $drachma. If you hold 11 NFTs from each project, you will earn the “Trifecta” role which will give you a special piece of a separate royalty pie as well as being a member of the board to help guide the projects as we continue to build and earn our blue chip status. This role was capped at 40 members and all positions are currently occupied.

NFTCreative – NFTC aims to connect communities by implementing an established NFT/FT cyclical ecosystem using $NFTC, the native token of the NFT Creative ecosystem. $NFTC is used for rewards, voting, as a vehicle to add functionality, means as an exchange for goods and services, metaverse currencies and more we can provide a multitude of use cases for the $NFTC token and the communities of the projects enrolled. The NFDevils and She Devils receive $NFTC tokens per EPOCH due to our reciprocation and collaboration with all NFTC events.

CSwapDEX – Our partnership with CSWAP is formed on the foundation that we are “brothers of the rug revival”. CSWAP and their community were rugged by Sundae Swap which had a devastating effect on all members of their community with people losing thousands of dollars. Nate bonded with the CSWAP team through a mutual desire to resurrect the project and restore value to the community. Now the NFDevils have access to Non-Custodial Staking for $CSWAP and we have access to their range of NFTfi services! Alongside Ape Nation we will be one of two projects participating in CSWAP’s Main net NFT Finance (NFTfi) Platform which is live now! Have a read through this document to get a good understanding of the huge range of NFTfi capabilities that our community will have access to thanks to the legends at CSWAP!

IDO Pass DAO – IPD PAD’s DeFi ecosystem is designed to revolutionize decentralized finance by creating a dynamic and community-centric platform. The primary objective is to nurture and fund community-favored projects on various blockchain protocols while ensuring stability and attractive incentives for our users. IDO Pass have provided our She Devils NFTs the opportunity to earn the $IDP token passively via non-custodial staking and have also given holders of 10 or more She Devils access to a powerful market analysation tool on Trading View.

Pangolin Protocol – Pangolin Protocol is determined to put an end to minting fear and fraudulent projects, with services to help ensure projects are on the path to success. We have formed a strategic partnership with Pangolin that will benefit both of our communities. Pangolin have provided us with two generous staking opportunities to earn $HYPC and $SCALE in the near future.

Cardano Coffee Club – We are partnering with the Cardano Coffee Club and 20% of all sales of our specially marked bags will go to the NFDevil treasury so we can give value back to our holders. The special “Devils on your shoulder” cowboy blend is live on their website now.

Cardano Canines – The Cardano Canines goal is to provide utility through play to earn games, casinos in the Cardano Metaverse, royalties, and contributions to police, fire, and military charities. There will be NFDevils themed slot machines in the Cardano Canines casinos and a percentage of all takings from the slot machines will go to NFDevil holders! Recently the Cardano Canines native token $bones was added as an additional stream of passive income for NFDevils and She Devils holders.